In the 35+ years that I have been playing violin for weddings and other special events, I have developed a network of wedding vendor partners that I recommend and like to work with. Here is a partial list. Book a combined wedding with me and any of these vendors, and take an additional 10% Off! For details and contact information, email me!


I prefer to work with Brian Bender of Face The Music Dj’s. He’s infinitely professional, has a database of popular melodies to choose from, is very flexible, and is an all around great guy.

Bag Pipers

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or other event, there’s nothing better to alert your guests to start assembling for the ceremony than a bag piper! I work with several pipers.


For typical American fare, I recommend Something Special Catering from Granby, MA. They are professional chefs and private owners with decades experience producing delicious treats for any event.

For Asian Cuisine, I recommend ASO Catering. This is my wife’s outfit. They can prepare a wide range of traditional Asian Fusion including sushi, Korean bbq, Chinese food, Dim Sum and more. If you would like more information or a menu, let me know and I will get that to you.

For American-style BBQ, there’s nobody better than Bub’s BBQ from Sunderland, MA. I’ve worked with them for years. The food is awesome, the BBQ is tops and everything is either grown locally, or organic.


Me and the owner of Taylor Rental in South Hadley, MA go way back. He’s got the best prices, the fastest service, and can get you anything you need for your special day.

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